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Local Craft Honey

Available Now. Limited Time Only

Our Craft Honey is handcrafted product, made with care and love, coming straight from the hive to your table. We carefully select the best honeycombs and extract the purest honey, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. 

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About Us

At Dhyana Wellness, we believe in promoting conscious living through wellness-focused and eco-friendly practices. Our offerings include yoga, Ayurvedic consultations, and ethical clothing made from sustainable materials. We also produce quality bee products, small-farm coffee, honey-based skincare, and high quality organic teas.


Our Specializations

At Dhyana Wellness, we offer a range of specialties that help our clients achieve optimal health and wellness. From yoga and Ayurveda to meditation and mindfulness, we have something for everyone.




Tea Ceremonies

Educational Bee Keeping



What Our Clients Say

I came to Dhyana Wellness looking for relief from chronic pain and sleep issues. The Ayurvedic treatments and therapies have helped me immensely, and I feel like a new person now. Dhyana is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and I always look forward to my appointments.

John Doe


"Wellness is our birth right."

Dhyana Londono

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