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"Focus. The Light Within" organic Ayurvedic herbal infusion is a unique blend aimed at inner connection.
This blend encourages you to embrace the present moment, surrender, and receive guidance. It aids in focusing from your center towards the periphery, opening your third eye and tapping into intuition and deeper intelligence. 

The Ayurvedic benefits of these blended herbs in a cup of tea are diverse:

1. Fir shoot and bud: Grounding and soothing qualities.
2. Labrador tea: Supports digestion and respiratory health.
3. Wild blueberry: Rich in antioxidants, promotes overall well-being.
4. Yarrow shoot: Aids in digestion and skin health.
5. Spruce shoot: Boosts immunity and respiratory function.
6. Poplar bud: Calms inflammation and supports respiratory health.
7. Chaga: Provides potent antioxidants and immune support.
8. Juniper Berry: Supports digestion and detoxification.
9. Balsam fir: Soothes respiratory discomfort and promotes relaxation.
10. Bearded Willow: Contains anti-inflammatory properties and supports overall health.

Together, these herbs offer a blend that can promote holistic well-being and vitality.
Suitable for all doshas, it's a daily delight to help you stay centered and focused throughout the day.

Focus. The Light Within

  • Quebec

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